23 September 2007

Z L'v: Marcel Marceau, 1923-2007

(Yes, he was Jewish.)
Perhaps a moment of cheering and laughter would be appropriate to celebrate the life of the world's greatest mime, Marcel Marceau, who passed yesterday. A holocaust survivor, "Marceau worked with the French Resistance to protect Jewish children, and later used the memories of his own life to feed his art." He was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, and in turn, inspired countless performers, from those who perform on the world stage, to those who busk on street corners.

It is said that a Jew who dies on one of the major holidays is very special - dying on Yom Kippur, as Marceau did, is a sign of a tzaddik - a truly righteous man - manifest through his contribution to the world.

Here, via YouTube, is a commemoration:

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