17 September 2007

Welcome to the 21st Century, Grandpa

Mark and Facebook are now friends.

I've resisted joining Facebook for quite a while now, trying to avoid the addictive nature of peeking (and poking, apparently) into the lives of friends and acquaintances, acquaintances of friends, and acquaintances of acquaintances of that guy which that friend of a friend met at a party last year.

But over the weekend, a physical-presence friend mentioned that she would like me to participate in a group of interesting people that is having an ongoing conversation that overlaps my research. Party pics I can resist; opportunities to explore the future of organization I cannot. May God have mercy on my thesis!

(My daughter, by the way, is relieved that I have committed not to "friend" either of my kids.)

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Leigh said...

oh see i sooo should have thought of family rules before...am friends with my nephew, my best friends mother, my daughter and my EX husband.....

Mark Federman said...

Nice to see you are friends with your Ex, and your daughter, and the others. For me - critically trained as I have been - I see it as an issue of respecting my daughter's space, and in particular, those parts of her space into which a dad is very much not invited. Even with very close (physicalspace) friends who share the most intimate details of their lives with me, I still respect their space.

Note that I say "space" as opposed to "privacy." There is a distinction, since space in this context includes many more aspects.