09 September 2007

Spiritual Youth Returns

After a long hiatus, the fascinating Spiritual Youth blog is back in business.
I am collecting personal accounts and perspectives of people between the ages of 12 and 25 about how they are individually affected by their experiences of religion and spirituality.

I’ll be posting excerpts from the responses I receive, plus my analysis, comparisons, and my own reflections.

How have your, or other people’s, beliefs affected you?
Have you had a spiritual experience that has changed your life?
Have you ever struggled with religious identity?
Have you ever faced problems because of your beliefs or practice?
If you have lost your faith, is there a way in which you still connect with the spiritual?

I will not disclose your name or contact information, but I will use your age, gender, and religion.

Feel free to reflect, discuss, and debate the various issues and themes raised, but please keep the subject matter appropriate. Please send me your reflections, stories, thoughts, and pictures that reflect your experience of your faith or practice.
If you are, or know of, a person in the target age range, please encourage them to participate and share their reflections on religion, spirituality, or their lack thereof. If you teach religion in school, this might be a worthwhile forum to include in your curriculum. Some of the stories from Spiritual Youth's first series are fascinating.

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