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How do we transform “Voice of the Customer” and social media data into actionable strategy? A case study from the hospitality industry illustrates the powerful application of “code-based theory building," published recently in VUE, the journal of the Market Research and Intelligence Association. From the article, Panning for Qualitative Insight Gold [PDF]:
Panning for gold was a meticulous task that often resulted in only a few valuable nuggets from a stream of otherwise useless pebbles. Beginning with a stream of operationally oriented, voice-of-the-customer data or anonymously generated and possibly not-representative social media data, the process of code-based theory building enables qualitative market researchers to refine these few nuggets into valuable, insight gold. In the case of The Deluxe, this process quickly enabled a freshly motivated marketing team to gain new, actionable, strategic insights that were not otherwise available.

On Management and Organization
  •  An unpublished manuscript that will be used as part of the preparatory curriculum for the Certified Organization Development Professional (CODP) designation exam, “A Brief, 3,000-Year History of Organization,” specifically reviews the corresponding changes in organization theory and form in response to technological transformation throughout western history. It features a particular re-alignment of management practices through the 20th century, and proposes a new theory of organization appropriate for 21st century enterprises irrespective of size, physical or cyber incarnation, profit motive, or sector.
  • The full text of my (not-so-)recently completed doctoral dissertation is available, chapter by chapter, from the Valence Theory Thesis Wiki. As well, a 30-minute video of my public defence lecture is also available.
  • Transformative Organizational Learning addresses the capital-B, “Big Questions” that concern themselves with what might be possible if we could imagine a future with few, if any, constraints; and how can we begin to take small steps today advancing towards that brilliantly imagined future.
  • Although my research suggests that Bureaucratic, Administratively controlled, Hierarchical (BAH) organizations are incapable of true innovation, here is some guidance on Creating a Culture of Innovation.
  • For those seeking personal inspiration, here is a synopsis of my master's research on Roles, Relationships, and Motivation in the Workplace and in one's life.
  • For organizations struggling with identity, and understanding precisely what it is that they do, here is How to Determine the Business You're REALLY In.
  • Here is an early talk on creating new awareness in a massively interconnected world, presented originally at Rotman School of Management, Enterprise Awareness, McLuhan Thinking.
  • For those who are dismayed at hearing complaints about their customer service or business in general, here is some guidance about Listening to the Voice of the Customer.

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