01 June 2016

"Moving to Serve You Better!"

When I was a kid, businesses always moved "to serve you better." Never because they got a better deal on the rent, or because they simply outgrew their old space. Always, to serve you better.

I suppose I'm not that different from businesses of old. This blog is moving - has moved - to a new home at Reengagement Realized, and it is indeed to serve you - my readers and the various constituencies whom I serve - better.

My practice has transformed, in some ways expanded; in some ways become more focused.
I do some of the same things, some different things, and some same things differently. You'll see what I mean. How's that working out for me? Well, you can judge for yourself.
There's even a cool white paper that describes the underpinnings of my practice's focus: What 21st-century Leaders Know that You Don't - Yet!

Come visit. Read. Learn. Think. Help me help you transform, if not the whole world, then at least your world. And please do stay in touch!

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