04 September 2007

Talking About Plagiarism on CBC Spark

Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 5) at 11:30 in all local time zones, I'll be on the inaugural episode of CBC Radio One's new show, Spark. This is Nora Young's new venture that takes an "irreverent look at tech, trends, and fresh ideas." This week's show is on plagiarism in a cut-and-paste, remix (or bricolage) culture. Short version of my take on the subject: plagiarism as academic crime is an obsolesced artefact of the chronically literate. With new approaches to collaboratively constructed, emergent knowledge, educators should be focusing more on the processes, rather than the products of learning and knowledge. For the long version, you can either tune in to your local CBC Radio One broadcast, Wednesday at 11:30 (repeated Saturday at 16:00), or select an appropriate time-shifted feed here (again, 11:30 in the local time zone).

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1 comment:

Dan Misener said...

The full episode is also available for download at http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/spark_20070905_3205.mp3

Thanks for the plug, Mark.