03 October 2006

The Most Effective Weapon Against Corruption is a Bright Light

Or perhaps even better, a video/audio-tape. This exclusive clip from CTV news apparently shows IRB judge (and former Toronto city councillor) Steve Ellis, improperly propositioning a refugee claimant, allegedly offering her approval of her claim if she sleeps with him.
"I had no choice. When he asked me for the coffee, I had to meet him. I was afraid he would say no, deny my case," [refugee claimant] Kim told CTV News. ... In the video, Ellis tells Kim she's as beautiful as a model and offers to find her work: "We have to work hard to get you another job at a hotel or something." ... In the audio recording, Ellis suggests he can approve her application if she has an affair with him, but warned Kim not to tell her boyfriend. "He might try to make trouble and say, `Oh yeah, this guy she fucked was a judge. She fucked him and that's why she is fucking him and that's why he said yes'," Ellis said."If we do this and it's shown I did this for improper purposes, then you are screwed too. We are both screwed. I'm in big trouble and your status is gone," he tells Kim.

Ellis, appointed to the board in 2000, would only tell CTV News: "I don't have anything to say right now. Thank you." Kim sent the video to the chairman of the Immigration Appeal Board last week. He immediately suspended Ellis. The matter has been referred to the RCMP.
Ellis is indeed in big trouble. Let's hope Kim's status is secure. People who are willing to take a stand against corruption - especially when they are most vulnerable - are the type of courageous new immigrants this country should welcome.

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