27 October 2006

Hej HLK!

I'm just finishing my annual week of lectures and playshops at Högskolan för lärande och kommunikation (the School of Education and Communication) at Jönköping University in Sweden. Again this year, I spent time with the first year class in media and communication, as well as conducting a graduate seminar for faculty and some PhD students in the intersection of media theory and critical theory. As always, a fine time was had by all, including me.

For the first year students, here are some links to the examples we used in the playshop, for your enjoyment, and possibly further analysis:
Britelite Candles
Orange Blackout
Honda Civic Choir
Johnny Walker Android
Sony Bravia Paint
Xbox Standoff (done by McCann Erickson, who also does Mastercard Priceless)
Nintendo Who Are You
Dove Evolution
Remington Hobble

Thanks for playing, and thanks for a great time!

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