20 October 2006

Calling All Responsible Americans

Midterm elections in your country are but a few weeks away. Please take a few minutes to watch this special report from Keith Olberman, and then remember to vote appropriately, and encourage those around you to vote appropriately.

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Anonymous said...

Keith Oberman is but one man's opinion.

I agree that all responsible Americans MUST vote but is it the partisan press NOT the President that have been leaving out or distorting facts.

The control of Congress depends on your vote. One vote does matter because one vote in each precinct of each congressional distict can mean if difference in the control of Congress.

Norman Freeman's Blog said...

I wish you all the best for the next elections.
Honestly, from Germany - where I am - we have controverse opinions on US politics.
Unfortunately, here it's not better atm.

Care about politics and make decisions, people! (not only in the US and Germany! ;o)

Have a good day every day,

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