04 October 2006

Although I Wouldn't Necessarily Include Them in My Research

I always knew that organizations like Hell's Angels were hierarchical, but now we learn that they are bureaucratic and administratively controlled, too:
Rebels and outlaws looking to join the Hells Angels had better be prepared to fill out an application form and attach a current photo. It seems even society's quintessential outsiders can't escape the drudgery of paperwork. One such application, or "personal information sheet," submitted by a prospective Hells Angel was entered into evidence at a sentencing hearing in Winnipeg this week. It includes basic questions such as name, age, date of birth, telephone number and social insurance number. But the two-page form also asks whether the applicant owns a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or has a criminal record.

Hells Angels paperwork isn't much different from the straight-laced corporate world.
But can you imagine the job interview?

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