01 February 2009

TO City Council is Obviously Drinking Water Directly From the Lake

Otherwise how can you explain the absolute lunacy that this news represents?
In the short term, the best option appears to be installing a vinyl curtain around the Sunnyside swimming area to keep out dirty water from the Humber. Bids are now being invited for firms interested in installing a curtain, in time for this summer's swimming season, to enclose an area about 200 metres long, and up to 30 metres offshore, just in front of the Sunnyside Pavilion. The winning bidder will also have to install a small water treatment plant to keep bacteria within acceptable levels inside the curtain (i.e., they're going to chemically treat the lake water). The cost of the project is estimated at $1 million over three years.
In other words, the Toronto City Council is tendering a $1 million project to install an in-lake swimming pool, complete with a mini-treatment plant to purify a miniscule fraction of the lake water. And, they're also planning to "remove existing sand at the water's edge and replace it with clean sand."

The effect is, as I said, an in-lake swimming pool in a location that already has quite a fine swimming pool, except for the fact that the City claims that it can't afford to keep swimming pools open! Hello? City Council? Here's a newsflash: Try taking that $1 million and putting it into keeping existing swimming pools open!


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