23 February 2009

A Gift from Canada to President Obama

Barack Obama is truly an inspiring leader for the entire world, as I've said before, the first UCaPP President. Accordingly, a group of high school students at Weston Collegiate here in Toronto produced this video, drawing from his inauguration address. A fantastic piece of work, and a perfect example of collaborative construction that is fundamental to the UCaPP generation.

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Anonymous said...

Nice video. Obama is not a very good economists, who will solve everything. I think he will not be much better then previous president, when talking about economy. But Obama is a SYMBOL, last seen in sixties, when Kennedy was on his place. Leader, who is able to unite people. when people are united, optimistic and free, they don't need economists...they can solve their propblems on their own!
Take care

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank-you for your support! I appreciate the fact that you were able to see the video as inspirational and not political. The song was recorded in one day, but will last a lifetime as an experience for the students involved.

I don't care what we find hope through, as long as we find it.

Anna Price Farago
Producer of The Obama Song