04 February 2009

Open Seminar on McLuhan Analytics Next Tuesday - You're All Invited!

I've been invited to give a seminar to Derrick de Kerckhove's Mind, Media, and Society graduate course next Tuesday evening, and so you're all invited, too. The seminar I'm planning to do is an overview of Marshall McLuhan's thinking frameworks, with a special focus on the Laws of Media tetrads and advanced applications. This is essentially the seminar I gave at the Agile conference last summer which was selected as one of the Best of Conference. If you want to understand what I mean when I refer to reversals, obsolescences and retrievals (the other one is enhancement/enablement) you'll want to join in the fun.

This seminar is open to all, and takes place next Tuesday, February 10, from 19:00 to 21:00, in room 400, Alumni Hall at St. Michael's College at University of Toronto, 121 St. Joseph Street.

On a related note, I just found an article that I wrote last summer in the context of presenting this seminar at Agile: What Haven't You Noticed Lately? An Introduction to Applied McLuhanistics, available in PDF form for your downloading pleasure.

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