01 December 2006

More Good from Zune

The other day I thanked Microsoft for the Zune (okay, so it was a bit of a backhanded compliment). Well, today I was visiting the Best Ads on TV site (which is a great resource if you are doing media theory or media literacy, or simply love the better TV ads for their story-telling), and came across this weird entry, called "Eyes." My sardonic thought was, "and he'll only be able to see for three days." But the judge for the week's best ad pointed to a delightful site called Zune Arts. Apparently, the agency handling the Zune launch, 72andSunny, "enlisted artists to create experimental short films inspired by Zune. The campaign gives the digital media player a much more interesting personality than iPod." I particularly like "Bitter:Sweet." It's the one with the big Transformers-style robot made out of scrap junk standing beside the little girl wearing the Viking helmet.

72andsunny also handled the Xbox launch, including the absolutely brilliant "Standoff" ad.

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