30 November 2006


So how's your PhD coming along?

Please allow me the indulgence to share my progress so far: I'm now a year and a half into the program, and as this semester draws to a close I've completed all of my coursework requirements, and have had my comprehensive requirement accepted. I have a mindmap of my thesis foundation posted on my office wall, and have a not-bad, hour-long presentation that takes people through the theory, research agenda, and methodology (I can also do it in about 90 seconds, give or take, for those that like things really brief; in case you've forgotten, I'm seeking to develop a new philosophy and theory of organization that is consistent with contemporary times). My official thesis proposal just needs to be sewn together from its various component parts, and I am just about to write up my ethical review protocol, which I'm targeting to submit early in January. While that cooks (takes about 3 months or so to wend its way through the U of T ethical review board bureaucracy, even for an expedited review), I'm going to be considering who might be an appropriate third member for my committee, working on analyzing the cyber-education environment data from our wiki-based course this semester, and co-chairing the annual Dean's Graduate Student Research Conference here at OISE (March 23-24, 2007 - presenters are OISE grad researchers; the conference is open to the public to attend and participate if you're in Toronto and interested in pedagogical research). I have a pretty good indication that my SSHRC application is among those that will likely make the final round (actually winning one is another story), and we've been able to facilitate great student involvement in the department this year, thanks in large part to the energy and vitality brought by our new department chair.

All in all, it's been a pretty good year.

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