05 November 2006

So He's Been Found Guilty

Big surprise. Just as surprising as the timing of the verdict, just two days before the American mid-term elections, which, of course, was merely a coincidence of the calendar, you understand. The Bush administration did absolutely nothing - nothing at all - to influence the date upon which to bring down the verdict, even though the defence had yet to deliver their closing arguments in the case. You wanted closing arguments? You should have kept a better eye on the political calendar. Coincidenza?

If it's actual justice that we're seeking in this world (pardon me for being a tad cynical), a relatively more appropriate court would have needed to be found, coincidentally, a form of court that the American administration does not seem to support.

Saddam Hussein was an evil despot, of that there is little doubt. He was enabled and supported in much of his evil doing by other evil despots, who, because they are Western, will never be called to account for the damage they have wrought.

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Anonymous said...

there is even more to spin on this issue.
now we see what 'exportin democracy' really means. Out of the rethoric that 'says democracy is freedom and is the best organization on earth'.

the problem now is 'which kind of democracy' ?
The EU doesn't recognize the state the right to kill, death penalty is out of our law system and out of our form of democracy.

so which democracy has been exported in iraq ?
is there a free market for democracies or is there a trust lobbying for a particular one ?

this is goin to be an issue later on

Guy Barry said...

Who are these western despots?Liberals I guess