19 February 2006

"No Argument" at the Salon at Café L'Espresso

The Salon at Cafe L'Espresso continues the last Thursday of every month, meaning this coming Thursday, February 23, beginning at 19:00. Last month's was called Mythdemeanour, and looked at the relationship between myths, the social construction of our world, and love. The topic for this month is "argument" and the video presentation that precedes the conversation is called "No Argument":
It offers 33 ways to lose an argument, provides useful information on skin composition, and rules on how to behave while dancing in a mosh pit. A public service so to speak.
According to one of the producers, Len Choptiany, it "looks at the ways we used to know things, and what the electronic future may hold for us. I call it tactile reasoning by choreography," apparently drawing from McLuhan's notion of "wearing all of mankind as our skin" under electric conditions. There will be plenty to argue about for those who like to argue, and plenty to smile about for those who don't. Great conversation, good food and good wine, all for $20. Can't beat that with a stick!

Thursday Feb 23 - 7 pm at L'Espresso, 321 Bloor West.
Hope to see you there.

The Salon at Café L'Espresso is produced by Len Choptiany, Youngjeon Kim, and Stephen van Beek of General Creative.[Technorati tags: | | | | ]

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