09 February 2008

You Talking to Me? I'll Call an Election!

Friend Rob Hyndman posts on the parliamentary Afghanistan crisis, and I responded with the following comment that I think should be repeated here. In my view, the Tory position on Afghanistan has nothing to do with the issues of Afghanistan, and everything to do with the fact that they are champing at the bit to call an election over anything. If you don’t agree with Manley, we’ll call an election. If the Senate doesn’t pass the crime legislation within the next two weeks, we’ll call an election. Budget? Don’t get me started. What’s next in Stephen Harper's impersonation of Travis Bickle?

Today, a spokesman for Prime Minister Harper stated that if the Parliamentary Cafeteria does not serve Sloppy Joes on Tuesday, they will consider that Parliament no longer enjoys the confidence of the cafeteria staff, and they will take the menu issue to the people in a general election.

“Although we never considered him sloppy, we see the elimination of this dish named for a great Progressive Conservative Prime Minister, Joe Clark, as an affront to all Canadians, to our history and heritage, and to the parliamentary process itself,” said the spokesman. “The Prime Minster considers this a matter of confidence, and we are prepared to go the people.”

The Communications Director for the PMO, Sandra Buckler, was unavailable to provide further comment from the Prime Minister as she is still recovering from minor surgery to extricate her foot from her mouth.

In other news, the Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Michael Fortier, terminated the supply contract for hamburger for the Parliamentary Cafeteria, claiming that he no longer has confidence in the supplier, and that the cafeteria should elect to seek a new mandate for their menu.

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