03 February 2008

Yes, We Can

An anthem for the Obama Campaign. And what America needs now: hope and inspiration.

It came from here.

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Anonymous said...

Obama may be able to put on the image of JFK and Dr. King, but he is not that much different from the rest.

Read his foreign policy vision: While he supports an end to the Iraq invasion, he also supports an invasion of Iran for the same bankrupt reasons that got the US into Iraq. He states that "A strong military is, more than anything, necessary to sustain peace." Sounds like the mantra of the current administration.

Obama says he's going to be tough on business when it comes to the environment. But his campaign outline explicitly states that he will 'help automakers retool their factories' - in other words he will be happy to let taxpayers pay for the auto industry to clean up their act.

This isn't an attack on Obama. All of the candidates have these sorts of contradictions when you look closer. America has to stop believing the rhetoric of their leaders if they want real change.

lenoises said...

Agreed that Obama is not much beyond the boundaries of the US liberal world view. He by himself is not the change many of us want. But he might be the seed that clusters more open ideas, leading to a paradigm shift in the US psyche.

So Obama is not the blossom, but he might be the seed. Wishful thinking on may part? You bet.