12 January 2008

Why Obama Will Win

Because the pilot was successful:
Now we come to Barak Obama, who may (God wiling) become the first Black President of the United States. Unbelievable.

But if it does come to pass, the unsung hero in all this (IMHO) will be Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman who has played the President of the United States more times than Ronald Reagan did (and better).. who prepared the American people, in their mind’s eye, for a Black President so well.

In America, we pilot reality in the movies first - if it plays, we go for it. If it doesn’t we kill it.

Like that series on TV about the Woman President. Did not rate.
He's got a point.

Update (3 Feb 2008): And he's got a stirring anthem!

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1 comment:

John Philip Green said...

Hilarious, and accurate.

I'm not very resolved on who would have my vote if I were American... I do think Hillary would do a better job than Obama, yet I still want Obama to win! Damn charisma.

On the republican side, McCain all the way.