20 January 2008

Up Close and Personal With AmberMac

Via blogTO, an interview with Amber MacArthur done by Digital Journal Television about her history with CityTV, her recent firing by Rogers, and the future of newsmedia. I love her musings about the unsustainability of conventional TV news reporting:
I just can't understand how a format is sustainable when you need a cameraman, an editor, and a reporter, all to work together all day long to put together a minute and fifteen long piece as far as a story that will only air once, maybe twice, and disappears into the ether. Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but to me, that model does not seem to be sustainable, and I don't think that model can necessarily be profitable for very long when you have people out there producing content who are maybe one person, or a two-person team who can produce content that is really leveraged and used in multiple ways.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Amber! It's so refreshing to discover real people who not only believe passionately in what they're doing, but most importantly they fully 'get it' and have sufficient confidence in their conclusions to say:

"Nah. Ya know what? This doesn't work for me. It's flawed. Not only that, it just doesn't feel right. And just 'cos things have been done like this for half a century doesn't mean that I'm wrong. This is not about winning, or losing, but about 'doing the right thing'."

Kudos Amber and hey Mark, nice work.