10 October 2007

The Tao of Thesis

I am giving a graduate seminar today at noon, on behalf of the Graduate Students Association here at OISE. The topic is nominally on graduate supervision - the whys and wherefores of being a thesis student and working with a supervisor. As I contemplated the topic, I quickly realized that being a so-called supervisee is entirely about how one locates oneself in the thesis process in its entirety. Considered as a state of being, rather than an instrumental relationship, casts the supervisor-supervisee interaction in a new, and I think somewhat more holistic light. This led me to conceive the theme for the lunchtime seminar, and to create a short piece entitled "The Tao of Thesis" that reflects on Knowing Yourself, Knowing Your Mentor, and Knowing Your Committee.

If you find it useful, either as a thesis candidate or a supervising professor, please help yourself.

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