30 October 2007

Seeking One More Organization

The response to my first call for participants has been great. I have one organization officially signed up with interviews to begin this week, and one other that (according to little whispers) has the organization approval form winging its way to me via post as we, err..., blog. And two others are in the final stages of organizational approval. Among these four, I have a government organization, a large multinational corporation, a web-based start-up company, and a medium-size enterprise that is in the process of transitioning from having been a truly BAH organization to a more valence-y, collaborative organization.

I'm looking for one more organization, and the type is pretty specific. I am seeking an organization that is in the realm of primarily volunteer, not-for-profit, or charitable, and arts-, religious-, or spiritual-based. Something that doesn't obviously look or feel like a corporation, noting that many not-for-profit, charitable organizations look very much like corporations. I would want it to have a sufficient number of involved people so that it's large enough to experience some semblance of what might be called organizational dynamics. Of course, some of these involved people (three or four) would have to be willing to participate in interviews, although strict anonymity will be maintained, unless both the organization and the participants agree to have their identities revealed.

Do you belong to such an organization? Do you know someone who does that might be interested in participating in my exploration of the future of organization? If so, please contact me and I'll be happy to provide more information, with no obligation.

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1 comment:

Leigh said...

I'm on the board of schools without borders...they are pretty small and completely youth led org (i am basically the old person in the group) ....very young in terms of existance as well....email me if your interested and I can hook you up with Chris Kang the director...