19 July 2007

Oponia - Hyper-simple File Sharing

Yesterday was the official alpha launch of Oponia Networks' first product, the ucaster. It's a very simple concept: you have some files that you want to share - documents, music, photos - and you don't want to have to upload them to a sharing site. You might want to share them only temporarily. Or, you're working with people elsewhere in the world and you need to toss them a file or three. With Oponia ucaster, just drag and drop the files into the ucaster's shared file space and you're done. They become instantly accessible at your personal Oponia URL, and served directly from your computer. Here's my ucaster URL (assuming my laptop is online), from which you can download the text of some of my talks, or listen to my Generation Gap talk in the musicshare (via Oponia's built-in player; buffering is sometimes problematic, so once it starts playing, you can click the pause button and let it buffer for a while).

Directly sharing your files could not be simpler, and there are dozens of applications for this sort of thing that quickly come to mind. You can request an alpha copy of ucaster right here.

Disclaimer: I am a friend of Oponia's CEO, Leigh Himel, who, from time to time, asks my advice on this sort of stuff. I have been compensated with good lunches and even better conversation.
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Leigh said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the nod! And yes always good lunches and even better conversation. :-)