13 June 2007

Jeff Adams Speaks Out

This is so unusual for me. I rarely, if ever, follow sports of any type. But I do follow injustice and corporate stupidity, especially when the former is caused by the latter, and both are caused by Bureaucratic, Administrative, and Hierarchical (BAH) conditioned responses. Such is the case with the decision yesterday from Athletics Canada to ban Jeff Adams from competition, and to remove his funding. I posted some of the details of the case, and Jeff responded with considerably more information from the ruling itself.

Every reporter who is covering this story should read Jeff's comment. Every person who self-righteously casts Jeff into the midden heap of ignominy that characterizes those who actually cheat by doping in sports, should read Jeff's comment. Most important, the officials at Athletics Canada should re-read the arbitrator's findings of fact that are quoted in Jeff's comment, and reinstate Jeff Adams!

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