03 May 2007

News Flash: Ontario Bureaucracy Filled With Old Fogeys... Film at 11

Actually, at 5:30, or thereabouts. I did a short interview with Global National today about the Ontario Government's decision to block access to Facebook by MPPs and civil servants. Premier Dalton McGuinty can perhaps be excused as being a member of the fogey generation that just doesn't get the effects of the UCaPP world. Or perhaps he's just not in favour of increasing direct connectivity to the various constituencies served by the government. After all, with larger and more complex networks of relationships, it's increasingly difficult to maintain control, especially in political situations.

The nominal reason is that government workers should be working, and not wasting time and taxpayers' money playing on their computers. Reaching out and connecting, especially via the fastest growing social networking capability (and Toronto apparently has the largest population of Facebook participants of any city in the world) isn't on the government agenda. Instead it appears to bureaucrats as something that kids play on constantly, their noses to screen, waiting compulsively for the next message to appear.

And then there's the Blackberry...

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