25 May 2007

I'm Going to mesh

I've been invited to participate on a panel at next week's mesh conference, being held at the MaRS Collaboration Centre on May 30 and 31. mesh is
Canada's premier Web conference, being held in Toronto on May 30th & 31st, 2007, is a chance to connect with people who are as excited about the potential of the Web as you are – people who want to know more about how it is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world. The evolution of the Web as a social medium is dismantling old business models, but it is also creating new ways for us to communicate, collaborate, entertain and inform. At mesh, you will hear from people who are using these tools in creative ways. We believe that by connecting and sharing our ideas, we can help inspire each other to do something great, whether it's running a startup or building a community.
I'll be on a panel at 14:30 on the first afternoon with Nora Young, Mark Schneider, and moderated by Rob Hyndman. We'll be discussing Digital Blinders - Are We an Inch Wide and a Mile Deep?. As Rob describes the theme,
What I'm hoping for is a broad ranging discussion of how the Web is changing the way we consume media. One of the criticisms often levelled at social media in particular is that it's shallow - brief snippets of information or experience, covering a wide swatch of human experience. Is the age of deeper understanding, of careful analysis, of diligently researched reporting ... over?
If you're attending the conference (it's now sold out, apparently), please stop by the panel session and participate in the conversation. I always love to meet the folks who wander by my musings. And, I'm looking forward to meeting some folks with whom I've spoken, or whose blogs I've read, but haven't yet had the opportunity to engage in physical presence.

The week after mesh, I'm off to the CASAE conference in Halifax, giving a roundtable session on cyber-education. After CASAE, it's a keynote in Edmonton for SEARCH Canada (formerly the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research) on why evidence-based research is no longer sufficient to answer the question, How Do We Know?

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