15 January 2007

Digital Alzheimer's, and its Remedy

I've written several times on the topic of collective cultural amnesia wrought by digital technologies. How then to explain (aside from some of its dysfunctional members) the deliberate memory erasure of the McLuhan Program's weblog? Its archive, from January 2003 until July 2005 provided not only McLuhan-flavoured observation and insight into the changes in culture and society, but also a journal of sorts that recorded the events and initiatives of what was then a vibrant and interesting place.

Thankfully, the Wayback Machine captured the archives. You can access the last valid complete archive list, and from there, all of the individual entries, month-by-month.

Those in the Faculty of Information Studies who now (claim to) administer the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology - and in actuality seem to be presiding over its tragic demise - should really have another look at the famous movie queue scene from Annie Hall. To more-or-less quote the master: "You know nothing of my work. How you got to administer [actually, "teach"] anything is beyond me."

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