02 August 2006

Cross-Border Blogging

The Wall Street Journal interviews Canadian-born, Israeli journalist and blogger, Lisa Goldman, concerning the ongoing conversation that is occurring between Israelis and Lebanese, despite the ever-present terror of bombs falling around them.
The dialogue is all the more unusual since the populations of the two countries had few ways to interact even before the fighting began. Lebanese law prohibits Israelis from entering the country, and there are no phone connections between the two states.

Most of the bloggers in this small group are Western-educated. Some attended the same universities but communicated for the first time in a comment thread on one another's blogs. Of course, on a blog, it is hard to tell whether a given contributor is in a bombed-out neighborhood in Beirut or an apartment in the U.S.
Lisa sums up the frustration and real tragedy of this conflict this way: ""So when you weep, weep for all of us -- Lebanese and Israelis ... as we watch our dream of peace destroyed by insane religious fanatics.""

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Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that there are no phone connections between these two states. That sounds exteremely silly.

jo_jo said...

I know that there are many incredibly brave and dedicated people on both sides who are working for peace. The trouble is, peacemaking is often personal and quiet and doesn't make such great TV. I am heartsick for all caught up in something big - war - that eclipses all the small victories.