23 September 2005

Motivation, Career Counselling and Life Coaching

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Here are recent thoughts on intrinsic motivation, career counselling, life coaching, and finding the passion in your work and your life:

Is a role* discovery conversation for you? Are you facing an important career decision, or concerned about your career progress to date? Are you considering a new career at mid-life? Or, are you seeking a deeper understanding of what motivates and demotivates you, to figure out why you are sometimes totally engaged and passionate about what you do, and at other times, completely turned off and apathetic?

If you are interested in a brand new approach to career and life coaching, you can download a brochure [pdf] that describes the process, as well as its underlying theory, in detail. Afterwards, please contact me. (My email address is federman-at-sympatico-dot-ca. By the way, the discovery process works equally well face-to-face or over the telephone.)

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