18 July 2005

New Digs

I began blogging in the context of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, providing a voice of the Program to the world. The message or effect of blogging is to amplify voice, even as it is an act of publicy. But over time, some people became uncomfortable with the Program having an honest voice, and others were uncomfortable with the Program having my voice. Rather than arguing the point, I've decided to move my voice over here.

I'll continue to make my McLuhanesque observations of the world as I've done over the past few years, that have attracted a following from around the world. I'll also have the opportunity to share with you my recent research on Role* (pronounced "Role star") that reconceives our notions of role and relationship in the workplace (and elsewhere, too) that helps people discover their individual intrisic motivators. More about this in the days, weeks and months ahead. As well, I'll be talking about my next projects that seek to investigate a new theory of corporation that is consistent with an age of instantaneous communication, rather that our current, and problematic, way of organizing resources and collective effort that was born in the industrial age. It's about time we began to reconceive that, too.

Welcome to the emerging conversation that is What is the Next Message. Pick up the site feed over there on the right side where is says, "Subscribe" (or at the link in this sentence!) Tell your friends. And remember the tag line that I borrowed from Marshall McLuhan: "I don't want you to believe me, I just want you to think!"

1 comment:

Harold Jarche said...

Thanks for continuing in the same vein. I truly appreciate your insights. Your blog has also helped me to better undersand Mcluhan's works and how to see through new lenses.

You're probably better off with your own site anyway.