16 August 2012

How to Become a Bad Boss

Over at the HBR Blog, there’s an insightful post about the top ten things you should do if you want to become an INEFFECTIVE leader. (The authors don’t actually frame it that way, but it’s good… err… bad guidance nonetheless.) From “most to least fatal” here are the killer ten:
  1. Failure to inspire, owing to a lack of energy and enthusiasm. 
  2. Acceptance of mediocre performance in place of excellent results. 
  3. A lack of clear vision and direction. 
  4. An inability to collaborate and be a team player. 
  5. Failure to walk the talk. 
  6. Failure to improve and learn from mistakes. 
  7. An inability to lead change or innovate owing to a resistance to new ideas. 
  8. A failure to develop others. 
  9. Inept interpersonal skills. 
  10. Displays of bad judgment that leads to poor decisions.

For all leaders, it’s worth taking a few minutes to pause and reflect on which of these might hit home (and if you happen to notice that you’re in a bit of denial, that is probably another red flag, too).

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