23 June 2010

From Hyper-Consumption to Collaborative Consumption

Those who have attended any of my keynotes over the past few years will know that I always find a way to introduce collaborative construction as one of the dominant effects of the UCaPP world. This is the idea that people with whom we are in pervasive proximity - and therefore in relationship - collaboratively construct the various and sundry cultural artefacts that populate our lives and help us to create meaning in a complex world. This, of course, includes collaborative construction of identity, among the most interesting aspects of the collaborative construction phenomenon.

Rachel Botsman offers a brilliant observation of how the idea of collaborative construction can be extended by graphically noting how hyper-consumption that characterized the 20th century has given way to collaborative consumption in the contemporary world. Even if you have already heard of Zipcar, or Freecycle, or Couchsurfing, (and there are many more mentioned) - and especially if you haven't - watch the video. It will expand your mind.

Collaborative Consumption Groundswell Video from rachel botsman on Vimeo.

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