19 April 2010

Job Opening: Director of the Movement for Happiness

Are you a happy person? Interested in promoting happiness among others and throughout society in general? Then this might well be the job for you! The Movement for Happiness is seeking a Director (although you need to apply quickly because the application process closes today; sorry if that makes you unhappy).

The Movement's objectives are quite serious, and outlined in its Manifesto:
We have a whole new science of happiness. Some of this confirms the wisdom of the ages, but much of it goes beyond. And the most striking finding of this research is that in Britain and the U.S. happiness has not risen over the last sixty years, despite the massive improvement in material standards of living. There has also been a sharp rise in the number of unhappy and disturbed children.

All this shows that our society is on quite the wrong track if its primary aim is to become richer. If we want to become happier, we have to exploit the other sources of happiness – above all the quality of our human relationships and our potential for inner harmony. 
Much of what the Manifesto describes is, not surprisingly, consistent with my thinking on Valence Theory in its wider context. And, in a very real sense, my planning for The Institute for Organizational Healing may well go a long way to support the aims and aspirations of the Movement for Happiness.

So even if you're not planning to apply for the directorship, you may well be interested in signing up, connecting with others interested in the promotion of happiness in a holistic way among relationships, health, personal values, personal freedom, and fair income. As the Manifesto concludes:
The time is ripe for this Movement. Our society is unnecessarily harsh and full of unnecessary suffering. We can surely move onto a higher plateau, with more happiness and less misery. But two things are needed for this to happen. First, we have to agree that that is the objective. And then we have to use all the available knowledge and all our spiritual strength to get there. In this Movement individuals who participate are likely to become happier. But, more important, they will have helped to create a happier world.

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