08 February 2010

I Think We Need a Different Kind of Medium

I'm in the University of Toronto Blue Book of so-called experts willing to provide interviews to various media outlets. As such, I receive a fair number of requests from, among others, journalism students concerning social media, the effects on society, and any sensational headline involving Facebook. But today, I received an email request somewhat different from the usual (both the individual and the school shall remain nameless to protect the embarrassed:
Mr. McLuhan,
I am a journalism student working on a short piece about social media's impact on PM Harper's recent decision to cancel Parliament's spring break. My
focus is mainly on whether the facebook movement impacted his decisions. I was wondering if you, as an expert in the social media field, had any
thoughts on the matter that you would be willing to share with me.
I think this student is confusing medium, message, and medium.

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