08 December 2008

A Lesson for Mr. Harper

No, I'm not talking about the bullet he dodged last week. On the night of President Obama's election (yeah, I know he doesn't officially assume office until mid-January, but he is the President) the Prime Minister said that his team would be closely examining and analyzing Obama's success. Of course, Harper was thinking simply of Obama's stunning victory. What Harper is unable to learn is that Obama did it by engaging honestly with people, by listening to advice, and by paying attention to the critique of his detractors and correcting course. Harper has proven himself to be incapable of any of these acts. And now, have a look at this analysis, and the remarkable way Obama is remaking the process of setting policy - by actually being open, and inviting commentary and participation.

Referent leadership is the most powerful form of leadership. I would argue that it is the only sustainable form in a UCaPP world. Demagogic leadership by intimidation cannot succeed, save for a very brief time. And most certainly, our country deserves better than the small and petty man who now occupies 24 Sussex Drive.

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