31 May 2008

CASAE 2008 - Student Pre-Conference

I'm at the beautiful campus of UBC in Vancouver over the next few days, attending the annual conference of the Canadian Association for Studies in Adult Education. As André Grace mentioned in his welcoming remarks, this is the 50th anniversary of academic adult education in Canada Today was the Student Pre-Conference: an opportunity for grad students from across the country to get together to share experiences and discuss issues that are pertinent to our particular location in the academy. It's also great to catch up with old friends, see how their research is progressing, and to meet new friends amidst a rather large conference. Lots of good food (thanks to the sponsors) and good conversation. The two main sessions focused on Research Methods and Approaches, with a particular emphasis on the researcher locating herself with respect to the participants and their community; and the diversity of Career Trajectories that await us once we finish this rather interesting voyage. Here are a few pics from today's session (click on André's picture to link to the set). More to come, I expect, as the week unfolds.

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