12 December 2007

Seeking A Governmental Organization

The response to my first and second calls for participants has been great. I now have four organizations officially signed up and I have begun interviews. The four include a large multinational corporation, a web-based start-up company, a small, but global NGO with a strong social justice and feminist orientation, and a medium-size enterprise that is in the process of transitioning from having been a truly BAH organization to a more valence-y, collaborative organization.

Unfortunately, the governmental organization that was really interested in the research - at least at the line level - officially declined today after two trips through their bureaucratic hierarchy. Given how my request was, shall we say, significantly modified as it made its way through the first time, I have no idea what proposal was actually declined, nor the reasons. But, as the saying goes, tempus fugit.

So I am once again looking for one more organization, and the type is pretty specific. I am seeking a governmental organization - a department that is part of the public service at any level of municipal, provincial, state or federal government. Of course, all identities will be held in confidence, both that of the organization itself as well as the individual participants (three or four individuals from the organization is what I need).

Do you belong to such an organization? Do you know someone who does that might be interested in participating in my exploration of the future of organization? If so, please contact me and I'll be happy to provide more information about the research and the extent of participation, with no obligation.

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