27 April 2007

The Future of Education in a Digital World

Last evening, I was a panelist on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, on TVO. The topic was an interesting and provocative one:
What should we be teaching? How should we be teaching it? And who should teach it? The cornerstones of a solid educational system: If we had a clean slate, what would a brand new education system look like?
As you might expect, it provoked a lively conversation, and many interesting questions from the live audience at the Munk Centre, from where it was broadcast. The video of the hour-long conversation is lined on this page, and will be there for about a week. Just click on The Future of Education in a Digital World.
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Anonymous said...

Nice job mark.
(and nice covert plug for your daughter's site ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointer. It was an interesting hour that will keep me thinking for a while about the possibilities of the classroom. one thing that did bother me a little bit: amid all the talk of multiple ways off knowing, serving students, the problems of a strict the hierarchical system of knowledge, etc. it seems that all of the presenters still present the classroom as the preserve of the "expert" -- the teacher.

Anonymous said...

okay, I really meant to hit the preview button, not the publish button. Corrections follow:

"multiple ways of knowing."

"the problems of a strictly hierarchical system"

Mark Federman said...

Thanks, mark (a different mark), for your comment. You might want to have a look at my five principles of education reform that I offer to move the conversation along a direction that is not too dissimilar from The Agenda's agenda.