20 June 2006

Congratulations, David!

Today, my son, David, convocated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music degree, with honours! Four long years of hard and often difficult work, and it all comes down to the diploma, and proud parents and grandparents! His major was music history and theory; his minor, East Asian studies - putting his love of Japanese pop culture, manga and anime, not to mention his serious interest in Japanese history, classical literature, and the evolution of the culture's various art, performance and musical forms, to work for him while he learned the Japanese language, grammar and cultural studies. His first instrument is violin (playing since he was 3); during his university years, he has acquired experience with koto, shamisen, erhu, gamelan, and taiko, bringing together his two scholarly interests. In addition to his school work, he was active throughout his university years on the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association as a frosh leader, treasurer, and was responsible for rewriting the student organization's constitution, and overseeing its elections (and revamping the election code). He won the University's prestigious Cressy Award for exceptional contribution to student life.

Congratulations, son! Your mother and I are very proud of you!

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