17 April 2006

Another Cool Medium: Glossy and Knorr

This is very cool, in all senses of the word. The clever ad works because it is cool, that is, because the viewer fills in the bleeped blank. In fact, it's f****n cool!
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Frank said...

Too long to load, but I suspect there's something like playing on US TV right now. Volkswagen has a couple ads that get you involved with a few passengers in one of their cars, then SMASH, out of nowhere, they're slammed - slammed hard. Cut to all the passengers, apparently OK, standing outside the car, lookng at the wreck, when one says, "Holy..." with not a bleep but a cut to the logo and tag line that says "Safe Happens". Every time I see it, I fill in the silence with my own shit.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the ad it's really good...but it's your comment that really made me laugh...coz it's so true!