14 March 2006

Natural Born Blogger

Among the effects of blogs - including amplifying and extending voice - is the externalization of memory. As in Plato's story of King Thamus and Toth, who offered Thamus the gift of writing, nominally to help memory, blogging allows me to forget things because they're recorded in the collective online memory of the Internet. (I just have to remember where I put all those ideas when I need 'em again.)

Well, according to a report in the Toronto Star, this woman is a living, breathing, walking blog.
Give her a date and she can tell you what took place — whether it was the final episode of the television soap-opera Dallas, the day actor Robert Blake's wife was killed, the day of the Lockerbie plane crash, the Iranian invasion of the U.S. Embassy, the day Proposition 13 passed in California or the day a plane crashed in Chicago. She can tell you what she was doing at the time. She remembers the weather.

Her life is like a movie on an endless loop, full of emotion. She cannot escape any good or bad thing that ever happened to her.
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Gimble said...

Mark, I remember watching Letterman many years ago and Marilu Henner was a guest. She said that she had a similar skill to the subject of your post, although I can't find much info on the net (do a search for eidetic memory + marilu henner). Dave gave her a couple dates to test it out, one being July 21, 1969 - and she thought someone had put him up to it, because it happened to be the day she lost her virginity (as well as the day the US landed on the moon).