15 August 2012

Officially Announcing: Adler’s Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership & Organization, Development & Coaching

After many months of challenging and interesting effort, involving great collaboration with many from among Adler’s multiple constituencies, we are very excited to announce our new, Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Organization, Development and Coaching, which we affectionately call “C.LODC”. This is the first offering from the Faculty of Leadership and Organization at Adler Graduate Professional School that begins its first class January, 2013.

The underlying philosophy of the “L&O” faculty is that contemporary leadership is about enabling a conducive environment where people engage to create a shared experience in which an alternative future becomes possible. That environment itself is necessarily complex, reflecting the reality of all organizations throughout today’s massively interconnected world. Enabling that environment for the type of participation required for true engagement among people from diverse backgrounds and experiences necessitates a respect and appreciation for difference and paradox—a leader being able to hold the “tension of the polarities” of two (or more) disparate experiences in her or his mind. And, it requires both a foundational understanding of how we arrived into our current situation, and practical ways to approach organizational and people challenges, many of which are brand new for our times.

Our certificate program is specifically designed to address these needs. Comprising five courses taught over twelve months in our central Toronto location, current and future leaders will gain a new understanding of what it means to truly lead (not merely manage) in the 21st century. In designing the certificate, we selected courses from the curriculum we are submitting to the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities for a proposed master degree (obligatory disclaimer: accreditation of a future master degree is subject to government approval and cannot be assured). That curriculum has been called innovative and unique in the world by academic and practitioners reviewers whom we invited to review our design. Needless to say, we are very excited about being able to exercise some of our courses.

As we say on the C.LODC website, “Adler’s Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Organization, Development and Coaching is a unique program for those who would become unique leaders. We invite you to join us beginning January, 2013 for this exciting innovation in contemporary leadership education. Your future will never be the same.”

Space is necessarily limited. And, we’re offering a special, discounted price of $6,750 for the inaugural year (regular price is $9,000). Come download an application for one of the few spots remaining in this great, new program. Indeed, your future will never be the same!

Update (20 Aug 2012): Here’s the great video trailer for the program:

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